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Game changing technology for the production of complex Titanium components

Norsk Titanium (NTi) is a Titanium component producer based in Norway that uses its novel game changing Direct Metal Deposition (DMD)technology to produce high quality, complex Titanium components for industrial applications. Customer benefits include reduced price, shorter lead times, and increased design flexibility. In cooperation with a US based tier 1 supplier, NTi has achieved technology readiness level six (TRL6), demonstrating the ability to meet aerospace material requirements.

Half finished component Direct Metal Deposition

Our Offerings 
NTi produces and delivers standard and customized Titanium components to industries such as the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Defense and Marine. NTi offers both physical products and services related to our product deliveries, depending on customer needs and requirements. 
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Our Technology
NTi’s patented plasma arc based DMD production method allows for much greater flexibility. By melting wire, metal is deposited directly to a substrate material building up a near-net-shape component to the required material quality and with greatly reduced need for machining.
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Animation of the NTi production technology
NTi have produced an animation that illustrates the DMD production technology and its advantages over traditional technologies.
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